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Avempace or Ibnu Bajjah, his full name Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Saigh was born in Saragossa in Aragon, Spain in 500 AH/1099 AD and died in Fez, Morocco. He was educated at Fez and moved to Seville in 1118, where he lived until his death.

Avempace was the first notable philosopher and physician of Muslim Spain. He is credited with the extensive knowledge of medicine, mathematics, astronomy and music.

He was a creative and iconoclastic thicker, an instigator of the ‘Andalusia revolt’, who operated an observatory on his own and made original contribution to physical theory, with his account of projectile motion.

Avempace did not accept the Aristotelian principle that the velocity of an object is in inverse ratio to the resistance of the medium and therefore, a motion in void would be infinite, and so impossible.

He was the precursor of Averroes, on whom he had decisive, if indirect influence.

Before his death in 1139, he had written on all the disciples just cited, as well as on music.

His book Regime of the Solitary was an international classic and his philosophical writings were translated into several European languages and promptly initiated several scholarly debates throughout Europe.

He died at a comparatively early age, poisoned, according to tradition, by his own physicians who were jealous of his medical prowess.

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