Monday, June 19, 2017

Frederick Willem de Klerk of South Africa

FW de Klerk was born in Johannesburg on18 March 1936 and raised in an environment deeply connected with the Afrikaner nationalist sphere that created and implemented the segregating racist system named apartheid.
He is the son of Senator Jan de Klerk and the fourth generation to go into politics. After high school in Krugersdorp, de Klerk attended Potchefstroom University, graduating in 1958 with BA and LLB degrees, and practiced law in Vereeniging in the Transvaal.

He followed in his father’s footsteps, started a political career and worked his way up on the ranks of the National Party hierarchy.

In 1978, FW de Klerk was appointed minster of posts and telecommunications and social welfare and pensions by Prime Minister Vorster.

In February 1989, de Klerk was elected leader of the National Party and in September 1989 he was elected State President. In his first speech as party leader he called for negotiations about country’s future and on 2 February 1990 he lifted the ban on the ANC and other banned political organizations, and announced the release of Nelson Mandela.
Frederick Willem de Klerk of South Africa

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