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Henri Nestlé

A German born researcher who sought an economical alternative to breastfeeding to combat infant malnutrition, Henri Nestlé was born on 10th August 1814 in Frankfurt as one of 14 children.

After having finished his 4 year apprenticeship as a pharmacist he moved to Vevey in 1839, where he passed his exam to work at a pharmacy.

He started work as an assistant to a pharmacist, Marc Nicollier in Vevey. Henri Nestlé cared a lot about health problems and a high baby death rate because of weak baby food.

With the help of the chemist Justus Liebig, Henri Nestlé invented a mixture called ‘Kindermehl’ in 1867.

He named his product Farine Lactee (milk cereal); it was manufactured in Vevey, Switzerland.

The Nestlé Corporation was born when the resultant formula went into production in Switzerland.

By 1873, Nestlé’s company was reporting sales of half a million boxes of Nestle Milk Food in Europe, America, Australia, Argentina, the Dutch East Indies and Mexico.

He finally died on 7th July 1890 at the age of 76 years.
Henri Nestlé

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