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Ahmose Nefertari (circa 1570-1530 B.C.)

King Seqenenre Taa held the position of the final ruler within the 17th Dynasty in ancient Egypt. He assumed the role of Pharaoh during the Seventeenth Dynasty, which was located in Upper Egypt in the era known as the Second Intermediate Period. His rule encompassed the remaining local territories situated in the Theban region of Egypt.

His daughter, Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, entered into a marital union with her own brother, Ahmose I, who laid the foundation for the 18th Dynasty and the subsequent New Kingdom period. The royal couple had a number of children, among them Amenhotep I, who eventually succeeded his father on the throne.

Ahmose-Nefertari's birthplace was Thebes, likely occurring during the reign of Senakhtenre Ahmose. Alongside her husband, King Ahmose, she actively engaged in the eventual triumph and expulsion of the despised Hyksos invaders and settlers from the African region. This heroic act led to her being honored as a national symbol and a prominent figure in the history of Africa.

Upon the death of her husband, King Ahmose, she assumed the role of queen due to her young heir's inability to take up the throne. This marked the inception of the New Kingdom era, with Ahmose-Nefertari assuming significant duties, especially concerning matters of religion and politics on behalf of her son.

Her influence remained substantial throughout her lifetime and persisted through the reign of her son, Amenhotep I. The Egyptian population held both mother and son in high regard, considering them a deified pair, particularly at the Necropolis of Deir Al-Medina.

Ahmose-Nefertari achieved a notable distinction as the first queen to be granted the esteemed title of "God’s Wife of Amun," effectively positioning her as a co-leader of the Amun priesthood. Following her passing, she attained the status of deification and became an object of worship as a goddess associated with resurrection.
Ahmose Nefertari (circa 1570-1530 B.C.)

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