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Adad-nirari II (911-891 BC) King of Assyria

Adad-nirari II son of Ashur-dan II, whom he succeeded after a minor dynastic struggle. Adad-nirari II ruled two years less than his father, Ashur-dan II but the number and range of his military campaign were greater. He led six campaigns against Aramaean intruders from northern Arabia.

A phase of expansion under Adad-nirari II, Tukulti-Ninurta II and Ashurnasirpal II (ca. 910-860), a phase that must be considered as definitive - as far as control of Upper Mesopotamia goes (even though the empire continues to undergo later phases of shrinkage and restoration).

To the west he marched as far as the Balikh river, to the south as far as the middles Euphrates, to the north as far as the southern regions of Lake Van, and to the east he penetrated the Zagros mountains.

From Adad-nirari II onwards, Assyrian kings spent great efforts to increase the agricultural production in rural areas. Thus, the increasing interests of Assyrians in the region indicate their desire to reach the fertile and arable agricultural lands of the Tigris River and its tributaries. He improved the Assyrian economy through agricultural expansion by installing more ploughs in the fields, increasing grain storage, and raising the number of work horses.
Adad-nirari II (911-891 BC) King of Assyria

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