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Aalto, (Hugo) Alvar (Henrik) (1898-1976)

Finnish architect and designer, whose early neoclassical style changed in the late 1920s to the international modern, in such buildings as Viipuri library and MIT hall of residence.

Born in Kuortane, Aalto studied at the Helsinki Technical University and in 1938 went to the USA, where he taught at MIT and the Cambridge College of Architecture in Massachusetts. After World War 11 he returned in Finland and carried on an international practice.

Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

His typically Scandinavian buildings include the Viipuri library (1927-35), the Paimio convalescent home ( 1929-33), the town hall at Saynatsalo (1951), and the Finlandia Concert Hall in Helsinki (1971), his last building.

Outside Scandinavia his important buildings include the MIT hall of residence (1947) and the Maison Carre near Paris (1956-58), which he finished with his own bentwood furniture, which he had first designed in 1932.
Aalto, (Hugo) Alvar (Henrik) (1898-1976)

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