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Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905)

Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905)
An initiator of the reform in late 18th century Egypt he became convinced of the need for educational reorganization and a reappraisal of Islam’s position in the modern word.

Exile after the suppression of the Urabi Revolt he went eventually to Paris where he renewed his acquaintance with Jamal al-Din al-Afghani.

Permitted to return to Cairo, by 1889 he had been appointed the state mufti, the highest (clerical) post.

He was fervently patriotic and was thus opposed to Egyptian control being vested in either European or Asian despots.

He was, however primarily a theologian, and the maintenance of the true religion of Islam, shorn of falsifying abuses was his prime motivation.
Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905)

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